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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have a confession to make. I have no concept of controlling my own finances, and I have no ability whatsoever to save money. Right now, I'm so far in the negative that I don't think I'll even be able to get out of the negative next month. I'm worried I'll be completely broke until my refund check in January. But, like I said, I'm awful at managing my own money. Even now, when I'm over half a grand in the hole, I'm trying to find ways to buy stuff. It's nothing important. I want books and I want some skirts and tights. I could easily live without all of these. I have about 600 books I haven't gotten around to reading and honestly, I don't like my legs and usually try to refrain from wearing tights and skirts. I just think it looks good on other people and now, I want it for myself. But I have no money. But I'm still trying to spend money.

Do you see the problem?

Maybe I should seriously consider therapy...

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  1. Hey Rebecca!

    I followed your link here, courtesy of LT, because I'm nosy and I like to check out fellow blogspot-ers blogs! Dude, I am SO with you on the inability to follow a budget. I have so much credit card debt, 2 student loans, work 2 jobs yet am still underemployed/underpaid, and those books and iTunes downloads and blahblahblah are criminally tempting. Currently I have less than $400 in the bank, and am behind on 3 bills, trying to pay them in order of due date. Feels like I'm spinning my wheels here.

    At least there is LT as a wonderful distraction (if not a horrible book-buying influence). Hope you're having a good week!