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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Merlin Season 1, Episode 1

Woot. Here are my thoughts on the first episode of BBC's Merlin. While at times I may be sarcastic, please be aware that I dearly love each and every episode. I've seen every episode multiple times.

  • We start the episode with an obviously CGIed view of the castle. It's not too bad thought. It only took me about five viewings of this episode to notice it.
  • After that, we see the first execution. Notice that the punishment for practicing sorcery is beheading. When does Uther change this to burning? Read a history book on the Salem Witch trials and thought "Gee, that's so much better than what I've been doing!" Coming up next...pressing!
  • There has got to be a better, less conspicuous way to save Gaius from falling to his death than moving an entire freakin' bed from one end of the room to another!!! Really, Merlin, you had to know you would be found out with that one.
  • Lady Helen is ruthlessly murdered by the mother of the man previously executed so said mother, also a witch, can impersonate Lady Helen in an attempt to exact revenge upon King Uther. For all the talk about how magic isn't all bad, no one seems to use for anything but trying to kill Uther with the one exception of Merlin. Maybe Uther's got a point, people...
  • One of the reasons I watch this show: Arthur
  • Will Merlin ever investigate those voices he keeps hearing?
  • I don't think they had tomatoes in Merlin's time...
  • The first encounter between Merlin and Guinevere is utterly charming. "I'm in disguise." One of my favorite moments of the entire episode.
  • Our first viewing of Merlin's utter lack of respect for things that don't belong to him. Didn't your mother ever teach you to keep your hands to yourself?
  • "I've told you you were an ass. I just didn't realize you were a royal one." Best burn of the episode.
  • "I could take you apart with less than that" Real subtle, Merlin.
  • It's Pirates of the Caribbean! Oh, nope, it's just BBC ripping off Hans Zimmer. Seriously, does anyone else think the soundtracks are nearly identical?!?!
  • And then no one notices the glowing eyes as things mysteriously start blocking Arthur's path all by themselves.
  • "There's something about you, Merlin. I just can't put my finger on it." Did I mention the slash fandom for the Arthur/Merlin pairing? I wonder where it came from. For those of you curious, read some of the slash fiction here:
  • Finally, we get to investigate the mysterious voices! And who could it be? Why, it's the Great Dragon (or, as I've started calling him, the Great Slash Dragon [not my term, btw] because really, he keeps trying to pair up Arthur and Merlin with his whole "Your destinies are intertwined" and "You are destined to be together and destinies are inescapable" spiel. )
  • Merlin, although I suspect you're the bottom in the Merthur relationship, your impersonation of a girl is horrible.
  • "Believe me, I'm not ordinary." Real subtle there, Merlin. Let's advertise that you actively practice an act that Uther loves to execute people for.
  • If your singing act puts people to sleep and makes cobwebs grow all over the place, you may want to consider a different career.
  • Merlin's reward for saving Arthur is getting to be his manservant? Worst gift ever! I can't imagine what Christmases and birthdays were like in the Pendragon household...
And that's all for today, folks! Episode two will hopefully be posted soon!

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